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Stylish Cost Calculator – Quote Generator, Lead Gen & Price Estimator

Stylish Cost Calculator – Quote Generator, Lead Gen & Price Estimator


The ultimate cost calculator WordPress plugin that revolutionizes the way businesses generate quotes and estimates online. This powerful and user-friendly WordPress calculator plugin empowers you to create interactive and visually appealing price calculators, quote calculators, and cost estimation forms seamlessly within your WordPress website. Whether you’re a service provider, e-commerce store owner, or a freelancer, Stylish Cost Calculator is the perfect solution to streamline your pricing and quoting process.

You can easily create a wide range of calculators, including cost calculators, price calculators, quote calculators, and more. This versatile WordPress calculator plugin offers a drag-and-drop form builder, allowing you to design custom calculators without any coding knowledge. From simple pricing tables to complex quote forms with conditional logic, Stylish Cost Calculator has you covered. It’s the ultimate WordPress pricing calculator that enables you to provide instant and accurate cost estimates to your potential customers, enhancing their user experience and boosting your conversions. Say goodbye to generic contact forms and hello to interactive and engaging calculators with this powerful WP calculator plugin.

🚀 Empower buyers with instant cost estimates

  • User-friendly calculator interface: Provides a clear and intuitive experience.
  • Real-time calculations: Delivers pricing transparency and reduces guesswork.
  • Detailed breakdowns: Offers clear explanations for a sense of control.
  • Optional payment integrations: Streamlines transactions and shortens the sales cycle.
  • Lead capture: Collects valuable data for targeted follow-ups.
  • Bulk pricing options: Encourages larger orders.

🚀 Why Stylish Cost Calculator?

Increased conversions: Interactive pricing drives engagement and purchase decisions.
Enhanced user experience: Builds trust and confidence in your brand.
No-code setup: Easy to implement, even for non-technical users.

Upgrade your pricing, boost conversions. Try Stylish Cost Calculator today!

Use Cases

Sales & Marketing Optimization đź’°

  • Product Configurator — Tailor products according to customer needs.
  • Interactive Product Recommendation Quiz – Engage users by suggesting the best product options.
  • Lead Generation Sales Funnel – Capture potential clients effectively.
  • Shopping Cart / Product Order – Facilitate seamless order placements.
  • Service Customizer – Adjust services to match individual preferences.
  • Bulk Pricing Module – Offer discounts for bulk purchases.

Operational Efficiency ⚙️

  • Materials Calculator – Accurately calculate the amount of materials required.
  • Mortgage & Loan Calculators – Simplify complex financial calculations for clients.
  • Multi-Step Forms with Conditional Logic – Streamline data entry and collection processes.
  • Live Currency Conversion – Automatically provide up-to-date currency values.

Enhanced User Experience đź’ˇ

  • Product Calculator Form – Offer instant price estimates tailored to user selections.
  • Conditional Logic in Forms – Create dynamic forms that adapt based on user input.


Streamline Operations 🔄

  • Automated Estimates & Quotes – Generate pricing info with minimal manual intervention.
  • 24/7 Operation – Operate continuously without the need for continuous staff supervision.
  • Webhook and Software Integration – Seamlessly connect with other tools to automate tasks and data entry.
  • Internal Tool Advantage – Empower employees to provide on-the-spot quotes during in-person interactions.

Enhance Customer Engagement & Sales đź’µ

  • Personalized Shopping Experience – Distinguish yourself from mainstream platforms with customization.
  • Automated Follow-Ups – Nurture leads through email and text reminders.
  • Instant Payments – Process transactions immediately for a smooth checkout.
  • Upselling & Cross-Selling – Boost sales by suggesting related products or offering bulk discounts.

Improve Decision Making & Insight đź“Š

  • Data-Driven Insights – Monitor product and service trends to refine strategies.
  • Transparent Pricing – Foster trust by making pricing clear and understandable to customers.

Elevate User Experience 🎨

  • Structured User Journey – Guide users in a logical sequence through their purchase decisions.
  • Minimized Purchase Friction – Ensure a hassle-free buying experience with organized forms and clear tooltips.


Calculating Input Fields

User Interaction & Other

  • Comment Box
  • File Upload
  • Text/HTML Element

Calculation Tools

  • Custom Math Operations
  • Variable Calculations (e.g. length x width x height, package pricing)


Looking for a comprehensive solution to offer instant quotes or service breakdowns on your website? Stylish Cost Calculator has you covered.

Advanced Lead Generation Tools
Blur or hide the total price to generate more leads. Our plugin encourages user engagement to reveal the final price.

BackUp & Restore
Never lose your configurations with our BackUp & Restore feature. Safely store your settings for future use or disaster recovery.

Flexible Tax & VAT Options
Easily add tax or VAT calculations for your services/products. Customizable according to regional tax laws.

Communication & Analytics

  • SMS Quotes Dashboard – Send and manage quotes via SMS.
  • Email Quotes Open Tracker – Know when your emailed quotes are opened.
  • Analytics – Track user source and form conversion analytics for data-driven decisions.

Showcase Savings and Progress

  • Show User Savings – Enable customers to see how much they’re saving with volume-based discounts.
  • Multi-Step Forms + Progress Bar – Make long forms user-friendly with step-by-step guidance and a progress bar.

Custom Calculations & Business Logic

  • Distance-Based Calculation – Quote prices based on distance parameters.
  • Conditional Logic (Premium): Show relevant form elements based on user choices.
  • Custom Math (Premium): Customizable mathematical functions for intricate price calculations.

Payment & E-commerce Features (Premium)

  • WooCommerce Integration – Turn your estimates into WooCommerce products.
  • PayPal & Stripe Integration – Seamless checkout experience right from the estimate.

More Awesome Features

  • Language Translation – Translate every element for global audience reach.
  • One-Click Templates – Start fast with our pre-made templates.
  • Customizable User Interface – Styles, animations, drag-and-drop sorting and more!

For an in-depth feature comparison between free and premium versions, click here.

Designed For

Explore our range of one-click templates. Each template comes with a live demo for your convenience:

Our plugin is also ideal for:
– Printing Shops
– DJs
– Hosting Companies
– Spas, Salons, and Massage Studios
– Retail & Small Businesses

Note: This plugin is not designed for mortgage calculators. For specialized real estate calculators, please visit Stylish Real Estate Leads.


WooCommerce Integration

Watch how to integrate this plugin with WooCommerce for an enhanced e-commerce experience.

Tutorial for T-Shirt Printing Companies

Learn how t-shirt printing companies can make the most out of this plugin with these tutorials.
Watch Tutorial 1
Watch Tutorial 2

Page Builders Compatibility

  • Gutenberg Page Builder
  • Elementor Page Builder
  • Oxygen Page Builder
  • Beaver Builder Page Builder
  • WP Bakery Page Builder
  • DIVI Page Builder
  • Most others (if installed properly)


Ideally, it’s best that you have a basic understanding of web development (HTML, CSS, WordPress) to use this cost calculator WordPress plugin. By purchasing the license, you agree to have access to basic and limited support, mainly for troubleshooting bugs. We do not offer refunds, so please test the demo first before purchasing.

The Stylish Cost Calculator plugin does have a variable math feature. Meaning, you cannot write custom similar to $Product x $Quantity = $Total. There are other plugins on the market which allow this but are much more difficult to setup. Our plugin was designed to more easy-to-use than work for complex pricing structures. Although thousands of users find this plugin does exactly what they’re looking for, we don’t guarantee it will work for your situation. We encourage you to use the free version first to try it out.

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Docs & Support

Please do not use WordPress.org for support. Visit this page https://stylishcostcalculator.com/support/.

Recommended Plugins

No plugins are necessary for this plugin to work.

Purchase A Premium License

👉 https://stylishcostcalculator.com

Other Plugins

👉 https://stylishpricelist.com


  • Frontend Interface Optimized for Conversion Rate
  • Fast and simple setup process in action
  • Volume-Based Discounts and Displayed Savings in Action
  • Invoice-Styled Itemized List View
  • Setting Minimum Threshold for User Progress
  • Lead Capture Strategy with Calculator Advertisements
  • Two-Way SMS Dashboard for Sending Quotes
  • Leads and Quotes Dashboard for Sales Optimization


This plugin provides 1 block.

  • Stylish Cost Calculator


  1. Upload the entire stylish-cost-calculator folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. You will find ‘Stylish Cost Calculator’ menu in your WordPress admin panel.


For our complete and updated FAQ list, please visit our support page.

Is it GDPR Compatible?

You can add a GDPR acceptance checkbox on your Email Quote form to make it GDPR compatible.

How Do I Translate or Change Text on the Frontend?

Easily change text or translate elements through the MORE SETTINGS button in the calculator editor. Read More

Can I Add Tax or VAT?

Yes, add Tax or VAT from the Calculator settings. Rename “tax” to “VAT” if needed. Read More

Can I Perform Custom Calculations Like “Length x Width x Height / Unit Price = Price”?

Absolutely, use the Variable Math element for this. Read Article or Watch Video

What’s Included in the Premium Version?

The premium version offers PDF generation, PayPal, and WooCommerce integration, among other features. View Comparison

Can I Use Negative Numbers?

Yes, negative numbers like -$3 are supported.

Is Coding Knowledge Required?

No coding is necessary. However, basic WordPress knowledge is expected for optimal experience.

Can Users Upload Documents?

Yes, the File Upload element is available. Read More

Can I Translate the Frontend Language?

Yes, you can translate the frontend or even change existing text. Read More

Does it Integrate with PayPal and Stripe?

Yes, these payment gateways are supported in the premium version.

Is WooCommerce Integration Available?

Yes, in the premium version. Make sure to create products in WooCommerce first. Read More

Are Quick Start Templates Available?

Both free and premium versions offer one-click templates for a quick start.

Is the Plugin Secure?

We’ve worked extensively with coderisk.com to ensure your security.

Will This Plugin Affect My Site’s Performance?

We’ve optimized for speed; it should add only around 0.6-1 seconds of load time to the page where it’s displayed.


Yuli 15, 2024 1 reply
I use this plugin currently less than month and already can say that it did simplify many things for my project. I recommend this product because of extremely dedicated team. Live Support is very professional and patient answering any questions and helping with any type of problems. I will definitely renew my subscription for premium version. It allows you to make any type of calculators for your site. Looking for new features! Great Job Stylish team 🙂
Yune 15, 2024
I tend not to write reviews until well into an application’s usage and yet… I will write one for this team because of what I’ve seen so far. My case use scenario is one of those outliers. I am, I think, pushing the boundaries of Stylish. And yet, even so, I’m about 95% of the way to where I want to get and I think I can figure out the rest. The amazing part of the journey so far is the support. Today is a Saturday, one of those days when you expect support for an indy app to be quite quiet. And yet, not one, but two techs were there to help and did so in depth. They listened to my problem and worked with me to try to resolve it. Again, we’re only 95% of the way there, but that’s further than I expected to get. Important to know that I’ve been trying to do the same with two of their competitors, in parallel, and the other two are quite literally at 50% of what I need. Of note is the word ‘Stylish’ in their name. The application’s styling is indeed excellent. A very very clean application. This app and this crew are definitely worthy of my rarely-given five stars.
Yune 12, 2024
I was using the plugin, unfortunately i have the problem where the total cost cannot be viewed on mobile site. I reached the support team to assist me with the issue, they are super helpful, everything work like wonder. Thank you for the SCC’s developers team.
Mayu 29, 2024
I was impressed with the Stylish Cost Calculator plug-in, but what compelled me to write this review is the even more impressive support team. My team and I implemented the Stylish Cost Calculator for our marketing firm (The Symmes Group) on our WordPress website called marketingwithtsg. We used it for package pricing as well as a la carte pricing and were able to add discounts and all successfully. It is important to note that the more complex your pricing and discounting process is, the more complex designing and implementing the calculators will be. However, the team was incredibly helpful and fast in responding to our queries and helped us ensure our calculator was good both functionally and aesthetically. They know their product well and did a great job of assisting us to use the product to its fullest. I would recommend this plug-in.
Mayu 15, 2024
I’ve tried a bunch of different calculator plugins, but they all fell short. Some lacked useful features, others had terrible support when I needed it most. This cost calculator plugin, however, is a game-changer. It’s packed with great features, comes with tons of pre-made templates, and even has an AI wizard that does most of the work – you just tell it what you need! The support team is amazing too – they’re super helpful and respond quickly to any questions.
Mayu 14, 2024
Usually i have to wait at least a couple hours to a day for support but i got a reply back in minutes plus solved my problem in a single reply. Plugin itself is top quality in terms of functionality and content. The fact that they offer a one off payment for full time access and not a recurring monthly payment is a bonus too. 5 stars for plugin and 5 starts to Nahin in support
Read all 162 reviews

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