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PerPayment – Performance Marketing Platform / Affiliate marketing / Advertising model / Cross Marketing / Cross Selling / Open Ads Trading A/C (Similar to Online Shares Trading) – Now Make Money Online Per Conversion $499

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PerPayment – Performance Marketing Platform / Affiliate marketing / Advertising model / Cross Marketing / Cross Selling / Open Ads Trading A/C (Similar to Online Shares Trading) – Now Make Money Online Per Conversion $499


Performance Marketing Platform / Affiliate marketing / Advertising model / Cross Marketing / Cross Selling / Open Ads Trading A/C (Similar to Online Shares Trading) – Now Make Money Online Per Conversion $499.

Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime Make Money Online
Monetize Your Empty & Low Income Ad Space

Refer & Earn – For Individuals, Corporate, & Government Generate Jobs, Funding & Business Trust – It’s free

Performance Marketing Platform for Socio Economic Platform’s
• HR Tech , Fintech, Ratings , Monetize Empty AdSpace

Monetize Customer Data – Bulk Emails, Own Site, Apps, SEO Results, Social Networks & Ads Trading

For Website/App Owners, Social Media Influencers, Corporate Data Monetization & Ads Trading

Make money online through Website / Mobile App Monetization and Social Media Marketing

Performance Marketing Platform is a free, simple way to earn money by placing our ads on your website and make a handsome commission on every conversion.

Performance Marketing Platform is a program run by PerPayment, Inc., through which website publishers display text, images, video advertisements on their Website or Social Media Channels. These advertisements are administered, sorted, and maintained by Performance Marketing Platform. They can generate revenue on a per conversion basis.

Many websites use Performance Marketing Platform to make revenue from their web content (website, online videos, online audio content or social networking pages.), and it is one the most popular advertising network in the United States.

How To Make Money?

Performance Marketing Platform has proved particularly useful for generating advertising revenue for small websites that do not have sufficient resources or other major sources of revenue.

Websites that are content-rich have been very successful with this advertising program.

Performance Marketing Platform has become one of the most popular programs specializing in creating and placing banner and responsive ads on website and blogs.

How to go about it? It’s simple…

Customize where ads appear on your website
Choose which types of Ad fit your site best and
Copy the Code which can be pasted on own website
Deal Done
Earn per Conversion

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What is Performance Marketing Platform?
Ans: Performance Marketing Platform is a Website and Social Media Data Monetization Ad Program wherein the client displays the Performance Marketing Platform on their website or social media channels and earn up to $ 499 per conversion.

How does Performance Marketing Platform work?
Ans: On registration on the Performance Marketing Platform platform, you are provided with any of the chosen type Ad Code to be copied on your website or social media channels and Done. You earn every conversion.

What are the Performance Marketing Platform Products?
Ans: Performance Marketing Platform Products are as listed below:

An HR Tech Platform for Worldwide Outsourcing of IT and BPO Projects & Manpower Hiring.

A Global Online Fintech Platform to raise funds and standardizing investment proposals making life easier for both the fund seekers and the investors.

American IRS®
A Global Credit Rating and Website Verification Platform that validates the legitimacy of an individual proprietor, a business or a website.

What are the different types of Ads?
Ans: Performance Marketing Platform gives access to 3 types of Ads namely:

What is Earn Per Conversion?
Ans: For every monetary deal on any of the three Performance Marketing Platform products by clicking on the Ads displayed on your website or social media channels, you will earn up to $ 499 .

How much does it cost to register on Performance Marketing Platform?
Ans: You do not have to pay anything to register on the Performance Marketing Platform Platform. You can display the ads for free on your internet mediums and earn on every conversion.

Is it mandatory to hire a PerPayment Account Manager?
Ans: No. Only if you register for PerPayment AdNetworks Marketing which is a paid service then you have mandatory PerPayment Account Manager.

Is PerPayment an Influencer Platform?
Yes. PerPayment Ads can be used by social networking influencers so share on social networking in 30 seconds and make money.

Is PerPayment Ads Trading Platform?
Yes. PerPayment can be used by Individuals, Corporates, SME, MSME, Philanthropists & Other institutions similar to Mutual funds / Stock market by giving paid ads of HireKhan, Fundacle & American IRS® of Global Ads Platforms like Google Ads, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat & Other Platforms for income from PerPayment up to $ 499 which is paid per conversion. i.e. when any customer clicks the ads and register on HireKhan, Fundacle or American IRS® and make financial payment for the services.

Can I give out Free PerPayment Ads on my website and earn up to $ 499 ?
Yes. You can register in 30 seconds on PerPayment and display Image Ads / Text Ads / Video Ads of HireKhan, Fundacle & American IRS® on your website / apps for free and earn up to $ 499 per conversion

Which other Global Ad products are there similar to PerPayment Performance Marketing Platform?
PerPayment would be alternative to Google AdSense, Yahoo Bing AdDisplay they displays other companies Image and Video Ads, on website/apps that register for Google AdSense & Yahoo AdDisplay, The website/app owners get up to Rs.5 per click with a condition to reach Rs 7500 sale from Google AdSense for the amount so earned to be transferred to their accounts.

Which website / apps owners would register for PerPayment Performance Marketing Platform?
60% Of Website / App Owners are declined by Google AdSense, so there are millions of website which have frequent visitors but are not displaying any Ads Approved Google AdSense Website / Apps that are not happy with the revenue they generate from Google AdSense

How is PerPayment Performance Marketing Platform different from Google AdSense / Yahoo Bing AdDisplay?
PerPayment Performance Marketing Platform does not pay anything to website / app owners on click of PerPayment Ads on their website / apps
PerPayment Performance Marketing Platform pays up to $ 499 per conversion. This means that on every payment received from a client, by clicking on the PerPayment Ads displayed by the website publishers, they earn up to $ 499 per conversion.
The PerPayment Ad Network Products – HireKhan (HR Tech) – hirekhan.com, Fundacle (Fintech) – fundacle.com, American IRS® (Business Trust) statesratings.com

What is the PerPayment Performance Marketing Platform Model?
Website/App Owners display PerPayment Ad Network Ads for Free & make money online up to $ 499 per conversion
For Performance Marketing Platform Trading – Individuals, Corporates , SME, MSME, Government, Semi Government can display PerPayment Ads on all Social Networking mediums, Google Ads & Make Money
Social Networking Influencers(Free) can simply copy unique PerPayment Ad links and share on their Social networking sites& Make Money Online upto $ 499 per conversion

Who is founder of PerPayment

Anim Akhtar Ali Khan

What about foo bar?

Answer to foo bar dilemma.


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