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Handy Ultimate Content Embedder


Greetings and welcome to the Handy Ultimate Content Embedder. This started out as a small bit of PHP code to grab external content parsed inside an HTML page, but then seemingly grew to a fully functional WordPress Plugin!

With this plugin, you will be able to pretty much set up a “Feed” of other content that will help automate your site’s contents. Make a change on one blog and it can appear on your other ones. Wooey!

You will be able to retrieve pages and posts from:

  • existing pages and posts on your website.
  • external wordpress page/post databases.
  • external website pages.

Don’t want to pull the ENTIRE part of those retrieved pages? No worries.

You will be able to set exactly the sections of content you want retrieved.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, you will also be able to set up search and replace phrases and those can be used as “snippets”.

Great so far, but are the tags and options customizable? You bet they are! You can set your own tags and options on a set of submenu pages with instructions on each one.

Thank you for visiting my plugin and I hope you enjoy it. I can be contacted anytime for support.

Handy WordPress Plugins – “At Your Service”, Lovingly written by The Handy Web Guy (also “at your service).


  • This is a screenshot of a PAGE and POST tag which will retrieve content from the page and post specified inside the tag.
  • This is a screenshot of a SECTION tag and the content that is enclosed in it. This tag will be placed in a page or post you will want content retrieved from.
  • In this example, you will see how to retrieve information from external websites or from an external Wordpress Page/Post Database.
  • In this screenshot, you will see how to section off DESKTOP or MOBILE only display content. These tags and the ending tag are also customizable on the Tags Submenu page.
  • In this screenshot, you will see how to enter the database information that would correspond to a PAGE / POST tag that will embed an external wordpress page/post database. The password field is hidden for your security.

  • In this screenshot, you can set up Search / Replace phrases.

  • In this screenshot, you will be able to set one or all of the submenu option values back to the plugin defaults. The bottom option will set ALL of them back. Please use caution when using this, this operation cannot be undone.


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload the zipped file on the plugins page or

  2. Upload directory handy-ultimate-content-embedder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory

  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

  4. Go to the Handy Ultimate Content Embedder Settings page in the WordPress Admin area.

  5. There are several tabs you can customize the embed tags however you wish.

  6. Place the PAGE and POST tags inside your page or post content in the places you want pages/posts/external WordPress Pages/Posts or websites to appear.

  7. Place the SECTION tags inside your page or post content where you want a section marked for embedding to be.

  8. Please the DESKTOP or MOBILE tags inside your content where you want DEsktop ONLY or Mobile ONLY content to be rendered.

  9. Set up Search and Replace text phrases to replace content on your pages and posts. Options for case sensitivey are available. These can be used as “content snippets” also for frequently used search and replace phrases!

  10. Want to embed other WordPress posts and pages inside your own posts and pages! Need a feed from one of your other websites? Heck Yeah! Go to the Embedded Databases submenu and you will be able to configure all aspects of an external database. Make note of the database number you enter the login information for – it will correspond on the PAGE / POST tag you insert into your pages and posts.

  11. A Handy Reset page is available to return all plugin option values back to their factory OEM settings.


Q: Does the plugin know not to embed itself in the same page to prevent endless processing?
A: Yes! You will get a warning – “ERROR! SAME PAGE EMBEDDING!” if you do so.

Q: What kind of delimiters can you use for the PAGE, POST, SECTION and DEVICE tags?
A: Please use these 3 only:

Curly Brackets ‘{ }’, Square Brackets ‘[ ]’, Parentheses ‘( )’

Others like “< >” will cause parsing problems. It also confuses the hamsters on their wheel inside the plugin who run the show in the background!

Q: Can I run PHP code inside the rendered content?
A: Definitely!


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