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Use our WordPress Search and Replace plugin to perform live search/replace operations on words, phrases, and HTML within your WordPress site’s content, without altering the underlying database.

With this powerful WordPress find replace plugin, you’ll be able to modify the content of posts, pages, comments, titles, and excerpts just before they are displayed on the front end without any need to make changes to the WordPress database.

This WordPress plugin generates dynamic rules that enable consistent replacement of HTML and text generated not only by your page content but also plugins before a page is loaded to a user’s browser.

Search Replace Premium Edition

The Search and Replace Plugin Premium edition includes even more powerful features, such as: store search and replace changes to databse, log all changes made, regex support, time based search and replace rules and much more.

Search Replace Plugin Introduction Video

WordPress Search Replace Plugin Use-Cases

  • Profanity Filter – Our WordPress plugin gives you the ability to censor bad words posted in comments, content generated by plugins, as well as pages or posts
  • HTML Replacement – Replace HTML code on the fly
  • Image Replacement – Replace images on the fly
  • Schedule Content – Schedule content changes for particular dates or durations.
  • Database Changes – Make permament changes to the content in the database.
  • Log Changes – Log all changes.

WordPress Search Replace Plugin Basic Version Features

  • Create any number of rules for replacing regular text and html
  • Applies replacement rules that can help in standarizing WordPress posts and pages
  • Performs replacements only locally and doesn’t save them to the database
  • Supports scanning content for case sensitive words

WordPress Search Replace Plugin Pro Version Features

Pro Version Detailed Features List

  • Define search/replace rules for comments, site and page titles, content and excerpts
  • Support custom posts types
  • Support Regex rules
  • Support search replace based on time frames
  • Support search replace only on specific posts
  • Rules Management – pause, edit, delete and easily change the order of rules
  • Import and export rules
  • Search within rules
  • Frontend widget to turn rules on and off
  • Ensures additional content support for plugins like Yoast, BBPress, WooCommerce, ACF and CM Tooltip Glossary
  • Optionally, commit replacement rules to the database so they will be permanent
  • Log file to record all made changes

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WordPress Search and Replace Plugin Frequently Asked Questions

More FAQ’s


  • Search Replace using timeframe restriction
  • Search Replace plugin settings
  • Search replace rules dashboard


  1. Upload the plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Define the search & replace items in the plugin’s dashboard


Agosta 9, 2021
Muito bom, fácil de usar, única observação é que para traduzir para português o “No” para “Não” bagunça todo o site. Se os desenvolvedores conseguirem isolar a tradução por página, ao invés de todo o site, seria excelente!
Satumba 14, 2020 4 replies
Good day, We want to style some images in the front page independently. They have the following format: And we like to change it for the following: Is this possible with your plugin? Thank you for your help.
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