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Connect your e-commerce store with and transform your business with affiliate marketing.

Set up your store in minutes, no technical skills or coding required, and get started with

  • Automate affiliate link and coupon creation: once you set up an affiliate program on, affiliates can enroll and automatically get issued unique trackable affiliate links and coupons, which are instantly set up and active on your WooCommerce store

  • Track performance: monitor your affiliate clicks, conversions, and revenue reliably with our first-party tracking system

  • Know what to pay, when: calculates affiliate commissions and automates payments based on the rates and clearance periods you set

  • Grow your affiliate network: turn your paying customers into affiliates and brand ambassadors through our customer recruitment feature


  • Customize affiliate programs, commissions, and more
  • Personalize your own invite page and recruit affiliates right from your site
  • Automatically generate unique affiliate links and codes for each new affiliate and effortlessly track sales
  • Analyze performance trends and analytics for your affiliates and programs
  • Top up your store’s balance and we’ll take it from there: we calculate commissions and make payments to your affiliates for you
  • Get listed on our marketplace and attract the right partners for your business


  1. Sign up as a business at and connect your store
  2. Install the ‘ for WooCommerce’ plugin
  3. Activate the plugin from the ‘Plugins’ menu
  4. Go to the ‘’ sub-menu of the ‘WooCommerce’ menu
  5. For the ‘Enable Plugin’ field, select ‘Yes’
  6. Enter your API keys from your Settings tab
  7. Save the changes


What does this plugin do?

This plugin connects your WooCommerce store with your account, which allows you to seamlessly issue affiliate links and coupon codes, effortlessly track your affiliate sales and link clicks, and automatically calculate and pay out affiliate commissions.

If you’re interested, watch this two-minute video to learn more and check out our privacy policy and terms of use.

How do I join as a brand?

Simply go to and sign up as a brand then verify your account. Next, install our plugin for your e-commerce store and follow instructions to link your store with your account.

What control do I have over the affiliates promoting my products/services?

You have full control over the affiliates promoting your products/services. With our software, you can choose to enable auto-enrollment or manually approve affiliates.

How are affiliate commissions and payouts handled?

You top up your store’s balance and we handle the rest. tracks conversions, calculates commissions, and handles payments so you don’t have to. Set your mind at ease knowing that payments will be made securely, on time, and only for legitimate conversions.

Can I provide marketing materials or guidelines to affiliates promoting my brand?

Yes, you can add a link for a shared folder in your affiliate program campaign for affiliates to download the provided materials.

How do you track and measure the performance of affiliate campaigns for my brand?

You can track sales in real-time with unique, auto-generated, and trackable links and promo codes. These are set up and active on your e-commerce store as soon as an affiliate enrolls in one of your programs.

How do I monitor the success and ROI of my affiliate marketing efforts?

You can analyze clicks, conversions, and revenue for each individual affiliate and program. You can also explore trends across all your enrollments, and gain comprehensive insights into your affiliate marketing performance.

What support or resources do you provide to brands?

We provide comprehensive support and resources to brands. Our dedicated team offers assistance with onboarding, setting up and optimizing affiliate campaigns, tracking performance metrics, troubleshooting technical issues, and strategizing to maximize ROI.

Can I integrate your affiliate marketing platform with my existing systems or platforms?

Yes, we currently support e-commerce stores built using Shopify and WooCommerce. You can seamlessly integrate with our custom-built plugins. We’re constantly working on new ways for you to integrate your existing stack with

How do I contact support if I have questions or issues?

You can submit a ticket from your account portal or drop us an email at


Our experience with has been nothing short of exceptional, especially as we engaged with them before their plugin release on the WooCommerce marketplace. Throughout our collaboration, the team’s support was invaluable, guiding us seamlessly through the integration process. What immediately struck us about’s platform was its user-friendly design. It enabled us to effortlessly manage our affiliate programs and monitor conversions with precision. The platform’s robust analytics provided us with deep insights, empowering us to refine our strategies effectively. However, what truly set apart was the level of support we received. Their team was consistently responsive and went above and beyond to address our queries and concerns promptly.
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